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Our Adventure Sports performance bundle ensures you are ready to push up your adrenaline with our specially made quick-on-the-go solutions for any sprains, strains or knocks along with fresh confidence as you traverse those unwalked paths!

UpUrFit's Cryo Spray: Rapid relief through an easy spray! UpUrFit cryo spray is an on-the go, targetted solution so you never have to stop mid action. It provides instant intense cooling to reduce inflammation and kickstart recovery from strains, sprains & knocks.

Body Wipes: UpUrFit's XXXL wipes, the ultimate solution to provide a convenient and effective cleansing experience, ensuring that you can maintain your hygiene and comfort even when you're on the go.

Shampoo Wipes: UpUrFit's XXL shampoo wipes, the ultimate innovation for clean, fresh hair when shampooing is not possible. Meant for quick, on-the-go, travel-pro hygiene.

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Our adventure sports/trekking bundle comes in a handy, cool fitness pouch that is easy to carry and classy to own! With Cryo Spray, Body Wipes & Shampoo wipes in in it, it is every adventure enthusiast's must have. Now pack your rug-sack without a worry about SOS injury relief or keeping clean & fresh!


Cryo Spray: Menthol, Curcumin

XXXL Body Wipes: Aloe Vera, Menthol, Olive Oil

XXL Shampoo Wipes: Tea Tree Oil


Contains UpUrFit Cryo Spray, UpUrFit XXXL Body Wipes UpUrFit XXL Shampoo Wipes and a cool fitness pouch to carry them easily.

How to apply

For Cryo Spray: Keep nozzle at about 5 cm from affected area & spray directly.

For Wipes: Our 13" by 11" XXXL body wipes & our 13" by 10" shampoo wipes make hygiene covenient and portable for the perfect post-workout refresh with just a wipe.

Trekking Kit: For all those adventure seekers & nature trekkers - knocks, sprains & hygiene are top most concerns - Try Our Adventure Sports Kit to ensure you are clean on-the-go with our XXXL Body & Face Wipes, revolutionary innovation XXL Shampoo Wipes and our Ice Pack in a Spray Cryo Gel!

Customer Reviews

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Vedant B
Built for Every Adventure

No matter the terrain, UpUrFit has a kit for me. The Adventure Kit is my go-to for hikes and long runs. The Cryo Spray is a lifesaver for those inevitable muscle aches on the trail, and the giant Body Wipes are perfect for a quick refresh after a sweaty climb.

Reuben Lhouvum

This is awesome.the spray , the wipes they are all good.And the pouch for travelling is free. I love it..

Nitin soni

good product

Varun Narula
Absolutely works!

The Cryo spray and the body & hair wipes were super helpful at my recent trackday. The cryospray helped relieve all muscle soreness to get me up & running for the next day. The wipes were super convenient to get freshened up at the trackside quickly.