Founded by Athletes, Made for Everyone

We are India’s first Sports & Fitness Topical Solutions Expert co-created with the Fitness Community to bring about superior and relevant portfolio of products that enhance performance and remove barriers for continued commitment to sports & fitness regimes. Founded by two fitness & sports enthusiasts, our vision is to become preferred partners of India’ fitness journey with our innovative solutions across the board whether pre or post activity. 

Powering Potential With Targeted Solutions

We saw the need for portable, effective solutions made practical and accessible for amateur athletes and fitness enthusiasts alike. We use natural ingredients targeted to support muscle activation, assist recovery, soothe joints, and shield skin through sun or sweat.

Advancing What's Possible

UpUrFit offers the tools you need to push your potential, guard against obstacles, and bounce back stronger. Whatever your game, UpUrFit aims to advance what’s possible through purpose-built, time-tested formulas. From weekend races to daily fitness, we make it simpler to recover, rise and repeat.