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UpUrFit Summer Essentials Kit comes in a handy, cool fitness pouch that is easy to carry and classy to own! With Sunscreen, Body Wash, Body Wipes & Shampoo wipes in it, active lifestyles’ must-have for summers. Go play cycle out in the open without worrying about sun-damage, body odour, sweat & grime or pain and fatigue.

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XXXL Body Wipes: Aloe Vera, Menthol, Olive Oil

XXL Shampoo Wipes: Tea Tree Oil

Sunscreen: SunMade with Aloe Leaf Juice

Epsom Salts Body Wash :


Contains UpUrFit XXXL Body Wipes UpUrFit XXL Shampoo Wipes , UpUrFit XXXL Body Wipes, UpUrFit Sunscreen Mist to keep the summer heat & fatigue at bay

How to apply
  • For Sunscreen: Spray the mist keeping the bottle at about 5-10 cm away from the face, hands and other exposed areas
  • For Wipes: Our 13" by 11" XXXL body & face wipes, our 13" by 9" XXL shampoo wipes make hygiene convenient and portable for the perfect post-workout refresh with just a wipe.
  • For Body Wash: Massage onto wet skin using circular motions for 5 minutes. Rinse off with water.
  • Contains Curated Products for an end-to-end needs while playing sports or living an active lifestyle especially to keep the summer heat & fatigue at bay

    Sweatproof Lightweight Sunscreen Mist: UpUrFit SPF50++ sunscreen mist provides UVA/UVB protection without leaving residue and easy application while exercising in the sun.

    Epsom Salts Body Wash is also enriched with menthol & aloe-vera ensuring muscle relaxation and long-lasting fresh fragrance. It replenishes essential minerals by absorption through skin and helps in pain relief, fatigue &  muscle recovery.

    XXXL Body & Face Wipes: UpUrFit's XXXL wipes:  a convenient and effective cleansing experience with Aloe Vera & Menthol, ensuring that you can maintain your hygiene and comfort even when you're on-the-go. This is a great solution for travellers who can’t take long-showers in difficult terrains. 

    XXL Shampoo Wipes: UpUrFit's XXL shampoo wipe. Infused with Tea-tree oil it is an innovation for clean, fresh hair when shampooing is not possible. Meant for quick, on-the-go, travel-pro hygiene.

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    Vedant B
    Nice Combo

    Exactly everything that you need for your summer rouitine...