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Our gym bundle ensures you are ready for an awesome workout followed by fresh confidence as you walk out to home, office or a date!

Thermo Gel: UpUrFit's on-the-go warming gel that activates you through heat to prep muscles for workout readiness. Reduces pain experienced post-activity by 65% by easing stiffness and improving circulation.

Cryo Gel: UpUrFit's menthol-powered Cryo Gel penetrates deep to instantly cool muscles and joints, kicking recovery into high gear. Formulated with curcumin, menthol, and tea tree oil to kickstart instant cooling and injury relief accelerating recovery.

Body Wipes: UpUrFit's XXXL wipes, the ultimate solution to provide a convenient and effective cleansing experience, ensuring that you can maintain your hygiene and comfort even when you're on the go.

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Our gym bundle comes in a handy, cool fitness pouch that is easy to carry and classy to own! With Thermo Gel, Cryo Gel & Body Wipes in it, it is every fitness enthusiast's must have. Solution to peak performance through optimum recovery & activation with hygiene and comfort!


Thermo Gel: Caffeine, Wintergreen Oil, Clove Oil, Eucalyptus Oil & Cinnamon

Cryo Gel: Curcumin, Menthol, Tea Tree Oil

Body Wipes: Aloe Vera, Menthol, Olive Oil


Contains UpUrFit Thermo Gel, UpUrFit Cryo Gel, UpUrFit XXXL Body Wipes and a cool fitness pouch to carry them easily.

How to apply

For Gels: Take a small amount and gently rub in the affected area

For Wipes: Our 13" by 11" XXXL body wipes make hygiene covenient and portable for the perfect post-workout refresh

Our Gym Kit is perfect for committed active lifestyles - whether you work out at home or gym. Whether it is HIIT or Cross-Fit or just good old Cardio - our activation & recovery gels as well as XXXL Body & Face Wipes are must-haves in your fitness kits!

Customer Reviews

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Amazing stuff

really impressed by both the gels - helped me activate and cool down properly after my football match.

great pack

amazing products, really helps performance and recovery

Great set of products !

both the gels help me to push my workouts even harder while the body and face wipes takes care of me being refreshed after my workout.